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Welcome to the official website of USAPL for Alabama. If you are new to this federation you can get more than sufficient information about the USAPL federation and what we are about.

If you are familiar with this federation you know about how the competitions are run, the rules that govern the lifts and most of all, if you have competed before, you know how wonderful the people are that are involved in this federation.

If this is your first exposure to the USAPL, then I encourage you to explore this site and the official USAPL site to find out if this federation is right for you.

  • USAPL Powerlifting Event 2014
  • Date: March 15 and 16, 2014
    Location: USS Alabama Memorial Park. In the "Hanger Pavilion".
    Hotel: Battleship Inn (next door to the park) We plan to include the tours on the USS Alabama and the USS Drum with our entry fee.

Housing Information
  • To be announced...
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